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See inside a major C# development effort!

  • 40,000 lines of clean code!
  • Multi-threaded design.
  • Mature exceptions handling.
  • Integrated Model-View View-Controller (MVVC).
  • Operating System Support (OSS).
  • Logging / Trace features.
  • File Application System.
  • Language Virtualization and extension.

Focusing on Software Development

Welcome to my professional and business web page. In a nutshell I provide scalable business applications on C# and multivalued platforms.

This is of course mainly work in applications design and development in a role focused on producing a great deal of clean code. I am committed to maintaining a broad base of skills. My longest specialization is with multi-valued database languages, and more recently in C# with a lesser focus on C++.

Scalable Robust Business Applications!

  • Development in C#, C++, and VBA using SQL Server, MY SQL and Access.
  • MS Office automation.
  • Large complex business and utility applications.
  • Web Page development (XML, HTML4/5, CSS2, JavaScipt, templates, automated content.
  • Post-relational multi-valued database development.
  • Several Software Products

The bulk of my work has been in Service Billing, Customer Care, other billing, accounting, invertory and sales order processing. This required a lot of transaction processing and electronic interchange of data as well as data conversion and cleansing. Secondary specializations included a good deal of both commercial and proprietary IDE and Communications Applications.

This no nonsense background combined business expertise complimented by experience writing development tools and utilities dating to the mid 80's. This also includes work on more light weight solutions in automation, workflow, Outlook VBA classes and MS Access applications.

Document management and portfolio management for small business proved to a highly productive though area of focus. Scripting, templates and development standards have been a business area complimented by development of high production user interfaces.

Working for small developers and small businesses ranging up to two hundred staff has meant wearing a lot of varied hats and many interesting projects. The opportunity to include small business consulting has also been challenging.

Hand coded web pages and using WPF and Silverlight.

With a background including work in markup languages, communications protocols and database transfer and conversion I have naturally been following XML and Web service technology closely. My own focus has been on hand-coded web pages, script and templates as opposed to vendor tools. Current work includes a heavy emphasis on WPF and Silverlight along with on-going work with CSS2 and transitional HTML4.

This web site itself was an evaluation project where the requirement was to be 100% Java free, retain an attractive look, be interesting, and be easy to update.

Commercial business applications. Advanced code, data and text utilities.

My more complex applications have targeted areas such as service billing, accounting, sales order entry and inventory control, communications, and control system interfaces. Advanced development tools included code conversion, generation, data conversion and search utilities.

Changes and improvement to existing applications.

A sizeable portion of my consulting work has involved modifications and enhancements to existing applications. The ability to be efficient and cost effective in this form of contracting is critical. In this regard I not only employ RAD and Agile methodology but have a particular focus on low cost solutions.